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Tag: Webinar

Webinar: Enrich your web app with charts and dashboards in 15 minutes

Tue, April 30 @ 8am PT, 11am ET, 5pm (Paris-Madrid)

“Enrich your web app with charts and dashboards in 15 minutes”. This webinar aims at showing you almost everything you can do with the dashboarding and Business Intelligence tool Jolicharts. From data connection and visualization to the export of the dashboard and user-permission management.

Register to this webinar and listen to Jolicharts Product Manager and co-founder Rupert Schiessl sharing about all the key features of Jolicharts.

Who should attend? CIOs, CMOs, CEOs, Project Managers, Analysts, and IT professionals that want to find a simple and effective way to build advanced dashboards and embed them into their own application.

Read the webinar storyboard & register today >>