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Tag: Software Dashboards

Landing Page Enhancement

Lots of change in one month on Jolicharts, have you noticed?

We are right now looking for the easiest way for our users to pick Jolicharts up fast. Most enhancements have been suggested by our users and we are really happy to see that more and more people are joining us everyday and reconnecting the next day.

Why so?

On our Landing Page, we decided on presenting key features so visitors could have a grasp on the potential of the app.

Gallery: Showing the real thing & what you can deliver

Examples of Charts & Dashboards

Something that was missing in our website was an appealing Gallery. An easily accessible page, where people could see exactly how their Dashboards and Charts could look like.

After implementing this small addendum, we immediately started to achieve better conversion, by attracting visitors that were ways more informed on what they would find (and not) find, in their embedded business intelligence app Jolicharts.