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Tag: Social gaming industry

Social Gaming Industry.

The Social gaming industry encounters a remarkable upward trajectory. With the enormous technological advancements, computer and video games are now a form of entertainment enjoyed by a diverse and worldwide consumer base. This also demonstrates immense energy, enthusiasm and a huge inclination of gamers for real time games.

These social, online games, mostly played on social websites like Facebook, WeGame and are well recognized and enjoyed  by people of all age groups and in one or the other forms.

On the brighter side for marketers, various studies have shown constant increase  in the buying capacities of individuals in games over past years and market has a huge growth potential in the near future.

Based on a recent study, we built a data presentation demonstrating essential facts about the computer and video game industry: sales, demographics, usage data and much more…

Have a look at the beautiful yet informative set of data and share your perspectives with us.

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