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Tag: Map chart

Building a map chart!

We just shipped a cool new feature for your geography charts!

You can now locate your data on Google maps. Let’s have a quick look how to do it…

1) Create a new data presentation

2) Connect some data to your slideshow

For this example, we uploaded our data from a Google spreadsheet.

3) Create a map chart

All you have to do is select the map chart and drag it a media zone in your slideshow.

4) Add some data to your map chart 

The Values field should contain the data item you’d like to measure. The Location field should contain the Geography column that will be used to split your data.

You can use almost everything that looks like a geographical data points: ZIP codes, country names, adresses, nationalities, etc. Thanks to the power of the Google maps engine, Jolicharts will find the right way to place your data points on the map.



5) Select a zoom level

In the Settings tab, you can switch between different continents, countries and regions to be displayed.


And here it is. All done!