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Tag: Line charts

New feature: Mixed charts

Another feature launched in the most recent version are mixed charts, combining line and bar charts. Mixed charts can be used to present 2 series of values on 2 Y-axis.

Lets have a look on how it works:


1. Upload your data from various sources
ScreenHunter_24 May. 02 09.35ScreenHunter_26 May. 02 09.35ScreenHunter_24 May. 02 09.35



2. Drag and drop the mixed chart icon to your slide

ScreenHunter_155 May. 21 16.18


3. Add some data

ScreenHunter_156 May. 21 16.24



4. And here it is…

ScreenHunter_154 May. 21 16.09


Try this new feature out and don’t forget to share your views with us.