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Tag: jolichart blogs

Can data help you predict the future?

“Can data help you predict future”- This phrase invokes both excitement and wonder… What if data could actually predict where on earth I am going to live, how big will be my house (wow, that feels fascinating already).

Advancements in desperate techs are growing so fast that it’s not in-fact, surprising if one day I could predict my (would be)  lifestyle or even my weight after 20 years (shhh…) or how much I’ll be able to climb with my mountain bike in the future.

The amount of tech content created per minute or even per second is just amazing . Although, a lot of apps and fitness gadgets that store data and analytics, have already been developed and slowly will start flooding the market, I wonder if there are still apps or devices available to project these values for the future (I am more excited to know what happens 20 years from now).

These ever growing apps and softwares have actually made my life easier. I can track my walking steps per day and my calorie chart is in my hands.


( Photo courtesy: Mashable.com)

Looking at a report published in 2010, Google invested in an app that can predict future to anticipate business and financial markets in the near future. I can conclude that the market for this advanced technology has already approached and a rapid growth wouldn’t be surprising.




Could these new devices tell me how long I’m going to live? Or the exact percentage of my savings I have to sacrifice for buying a house with pool (yeah, that’s the plan). In any case, I wouldn’t have to ask for probabilities from my astrologer, and he could retire peacefully. :)

Improvement of hardware devices alongside with the smartness to interpret data generated by those will surely take data visualization to a next level wherein – I cross my fingers – I’ll have the best tools in hands to find the right apartment for my retirement… ;-)