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Tag: Google Charting API

From Google Charts to D3.JS: coming soon!

In order to keep Jolicharts on the cutting edge, we’ve been in the process of upgrading from Google Charts to a D3.JS custom charting library.

Google Charts has been incredibly useful and we still think it is one of the best charting libraries. What’s more it is also the only charting library that provides maps (actually, Google Maps, as you may have guessed).

To answer an underlying need of our community of users, we’ve decided that it was time for a change and we’ve started to migrate from Google Charting API to D3.JS.


D3.JS (D3 stands for Data Driven Document) is a JavaScript library that enables developers to create custom innovative charts. See below some examples of the basic charts that are already available with this library (but not on Jolicharts yet! for sure you’ll be informed when D3.JS for Jolicharts is released).

2013-08-26 09_27_45-Gallery · mbostock_d3 Wiki · GitHub

Nice visuals, so great news, isn’it?

Work is still in progress. We need to integrate these charts with Jolicharts to enhance your Business Intelligence dashboards and reporting experience on Jolicharts.