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Tag: excel charting

Why choose presentations over dashboards?

Even if we know visual memory is far more recognized than written words, aren’t we just tired of those conventional boring dashboards we use?

Wouldn’t it be more exciting if we ccould combine dashboards with perfect pictures and then present them in power points?

Here are some random examples that shows how cool it can be.

 1. A quick representation showing the world’s 10 most powerful countries in multiple charts, just in a minute

Once uploaded, data can be used infinite times to create charts and you don’t have to worry about it every time.


Charts won’t scare you anymore… Choose from a large variety of charts and it’ll only take few seconds to adapt your data to them..

2. Making all sort of histograms was never so easy

A lot more information to present in just a single slide and that too in a very innovative and advanced way.

Jolicharts allows you to measure, monitor and report your key metrics and present them in an appealing way.

 3. Even more exciting is to use videos, charts and text at the same time