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Tag: embed chart

Embedding charts into external web pages

One of Jolicharts’ most interesting features is the possibility to embed charts (as well as entire dashboards) into third-party web pages.

Your charts will always stay connected with your original datasources and update the automated fashion when your datasources change. This will enable you, for example, to publish sales data on your company Intranet and keep it up-to-date so all authorized employees can view the most recent figures in real time.

Here’s how to do embed dashboards into web pages:

1) Build a chart within your Jolicharts dashboard

2) Click on “Share chart” in the chart popup menuShare chart

3) Click on “Embed chart” to display the embed code

4) Grab the embed code

Embed chart code

5) Paste the code to any webpage you like

To change the width or height of your chart, you can modify the values in the “Customize dimension” fields or directly edit the width and heights tags in the embed code.

And for those of you who don’t believe before actually seeing, here’s the real chart embedded into this blog post. You can find the original chart in the dashboard gallery.