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Tag: datavisualization

Check out the energy consumption of your IT equipments

After gathering consumption data of 14.000+ IT devices (laptops, desktop computers, workstations,…) on the Energy Star database (we actually scrapped data on the Energy Star database in early July 2013), we came out with a dashboard aiming at giving you a clear visualization of your IT device energy consumptions.

Check it out!

Energy Star Dashboard Link

Send charts to your colleagues by email

On Jolicharts, you can now send charts by email! Super useful – as we’ve been told, to share a result with your boss, a conclusion with a customer, a fact with a colleague or partner.

How do you do this? Well, as usual it’s super simple.

Just click on ‘Share this chart’ (the third icon from left to the right, above any chart).

Then, on the page that has appeared, click on ‘Send chart by email’. Now, enter the email address of the recipient(s), and some text if you want to add explanations to the chart.

Click on ‘Send’, and you’re all set!