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Tag: data visualization

Social Gaming Industry.

The Social gaming industry encounters a remarkable upward trajectory. With the enormous technological advancements, computer and video games are now a form of entertainment enjoyed by a diverse and worldwide consumer base. This also demonstrates immense energy, enthusiasm and a huge inclination of gamers for real time games.

These social, online games, mostly played on social websites like Facebook, WeGame and are well recognized and enjoyed  by people of all age groups and in one or the other forms.

On the brighter side for marketers, various studies have shown constant increase  in the buying capacities of individuals in games over past years and market has a huge growth potential in the near future.

Based on a recent study, we built a data presentation demonstrating essential facts about the computer and video game industry: sales, demographics, usage data and much more…

Have a look at the beautiful yet informative set of data and share your perspectives with us.

Open the data slideshow on social gaming >>


Turn your Jolicharts dashboard into slides with slid.es

Slid.es is a new online presentations tool. Based on reveal.js, HTML5 and CSS technology, it enables you to create lightweight, clear and beautiful presentations. As you will see, Powerpoint could have some real competitor with Slid.es (or other HTML5 presentation tools like Bunkr.me…).

Our tool, Jolicharts is as well designed on HTML5 and Javascript. These technologies are already powering most of the major web applications.

HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript Logos

That’s why it is really easy to embed any dashboard or chart into your website or a slid.es presentation.

Here is how:

From your Jolicharts dashboard:

  1. Click on the Share button of a chart (or even dashboard)
  2. Click on Embed chart
  3. Copy-paste the iframe code into the source code of the targeted slid.es.

Because Jolicharts and slid.es are both in the cloud, your charts will always be updated whenever you’ll change the chart’s underlying data.

Here is an example of what you can do with it:

An interview with Emmanuel Ugbodaga from the Lancaster Environmental Center (LEC)

This is the third interview in a series that will highlight some of our users in the Jolicharts community. You’ve been using Jolicharts intensively or extensively and you’d agree on being interviewed? Drop us an email at team(at)jolicharts(dot)com.

- Hi Emmanuel! You are the designer of the Environmental KPIs in the UK Open Data Showcase. Could you present yourself and give us some idea of your background and studies?

Emmanuel Ugbodaga

My name is Emmanuel Ugbodaga, I am an international student at Lancaster University currently studying a Master’s programme in Environmental Management and Consultancy. My major research interest is on employing indicators to measure energy efficiency and sustainability. I am currently running my master’s thesis on energy efficiency indicators in the city of Dublin, Ireland.

Prior to my academic pursuit in the United Kingdom, I was involved with some  environmental responsibilities in Nigeria as a graduate consultant at the Environmental Law Research Institute. Upon the conclusion of my master’s programme I intend to continue developing solutions around my research interest.

- Could you tell us more about the Lancaster Environmental Center?

Lancaster University is currently ranked among top ten universities in the United Kingdom, with over 12,000  students on campus and international students from over 140 nations of the world. The Lancaster Environmental Center currently houses the Environmental department of Lancaster University. It aims at employing cross-disciplinary approach to solving environmental problems. There are 5 research centers located within LEC, attracting the largest number of environmentalists across Europe.

- You did a great job by using Jolicharts to visualize a huge amount of data. How did you feel while using the apps?

Employing the business intelligence apps Jolicharts to relay information on energy efficiency by using dashboards and charts on statistics like energy consumption and production was quite interesting and educative as well.

I feel the dashboard software Jolicharts is user friendly and the free plan makes it accessible to any class of individuals or organizations. The various types of charts, plots and filters give Jolicharts some added features to create really nice dashboards that could be embedded and shared in one click.

I feel Jolicharts is a very useful tool to design dashboards: To represent management key production indicator (KPIs) to environmentally related issues as well. In conclusion, the project was quite challenging but really interesting as it made every piece of data so valuable. I learnt a lot through using Jolicharts to give meaning to seemingly raw data.

Thank you Emmanuel!