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Tag: data visualisation

New feature: Custom backgrounds

ScreenHunter_17 Apr. 29 09.30Background images are an important part of the presentation interface. Thanks to your demands we have extended this function. It’s a real joy to announce a cool new feature: custom background images. Background images that you pick and believe to be the best for your presentation. They are just a single click away. You can now deliver the perfect message that fits best with the message you’d like to communicate to your audience. We want our users to build nice and meaningful data presentations. And thus, we are trying hard to improve steadily the calculation capacities as well as the user interface.


How to add a custom background to your presentation?

Open the background settings panel ScreenHunter_24 Apr. 29 16.55, click the button,and you’ll be invited to browse images on your computer. We leave it entirely up to our users to choose an image they think suits best. Here are some more examples that we bring for our customers.

ScreenHunter_18 Apr. 29 09.32               ScreenHunter_19 Apr. 29 09.34

Data analysis made simple

You MUST have heard of Big Data recently, Big Data currently being one of the buzz words most favored in the media and in ads. And you’ve probably told yourself, excuse my language, but ‘Ain’t for me but for big corporations‘.

At Jolicharts, we see no reason small and medium businesses with no access to expensive data analytics solutions shouldn’t be able to get the best from their data.

Actually, as was coined by Diego Basch on Twitter, most big businesses don’t have a ‘big data problem’, but a big ‘data problem’ rather – meaning most large corporations make decisions based on partial data analysis.

In fact, not so many businesses really face the issues and complexities (and opportunities!) derived from Big Data.

At Jolicharts, we are strong believers that anyone in any business of any size should be able to get the most from their data, whatever the quantity of it. Jolicharts helps you create beautiful charts to make your data speak out loud and make as good as possible decisions.


A state-by-state dataviz for election day

Thank you USA Today for the picture (credit)It’s Election Day today in the United States!

Drawing from data issued by the Huffington Post, here’s what we think is an interesting election forecast dataviz, designed with Jolicharts – of course.

Jolicharts proves to be a very versatile tool, able to help you analyze political data as well. FYI, this US presidential election dataviz has been added to the sample dashboard gallery.