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Tag: data visualisation

How DataViz Can Help You Win The Nobel Prize

Wondering how dataviz can get you the Nobel prize?

Well here is simple answer. Careful and alluring visualization of data helps you find fortune in your research and project data in a way it was never seen before.2014-08-26_1450

Many data analysts and scientists are finding ways these days to produce astonishingly beautiful figures and release them for open use. These set of information & stats, are no longer be ignored by the fact that they are most often read by researchers than before.

Researchers are in constant search of ways to search not only for data, but also a lot of  information that can be compared and presented on a single platform.

Here are some key points keeping in mind might help you winning a noble prize ;-) .

#User Participation:

Your data should tell the story to positively engage the users. Users integration and participation is one indispensable step that should never be overlooked.

 #Make It Visual:

It is an inherent human tendency to interpret images at a much faster rate than written or explained text.  And so, it is always advisable to add more of the pictorial elements to the existing contents.

#Predict The Future:

Users are much more interested in what will happen in the future. Instead of just swinging around the past, projecting future values helps in active consumer engagement.

#Listen What Users Say:

One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say, well said by Bryant H. McGill”. Listening to users needs & answering them helps in closure of an unseen gap set in between the presenter & end users.

#Project Information That Open Doors For Future Intrusion: 

Information that ignites a spark for future intrusion is more likely admired by fellow colleagues and provides them a room to discover the new possibilities.

 #Data That’ll Solve Dual Purpose:

Data that presents two ends of a successful campaign is preferred much more than the ones sniffing around a specific area only.
Addressing the current issues, how they have evolved during past and then providing answers at least once for these issues, helps in getting an active engagement & comprehension from audiences.

Keeping these simple tips in mind would definitely leave a positive impact on the viewers. And who knows, you might win a Nobel prize for an awesome presentation… ;-)

New feature: Data labels on charts with few data points

Data visualization gets even easier when interactive charts display data labels automatically. We, recently added automatic data labels to charts that have only a few data points.

This means that your charts remain still readable after being downloaded as images or PDFs.

Let’s see how they look like.

ScreenHunter_139 May. 19 18.08          ScreenHunter_140 May. 19 18.19

ScreenHunter_141 May. 19 18.22                  ScreenHunter_142 May. 19 18.24

They are way cooler to present and you have an offline access to the charts with data too.

Why waiting…?

Try it out and tell us your views.

New feature: Mixed charts

Another feature launched in the most recent version are mixed charts, combining line and bar charts. Mixed charts can be used to present 2 series of values on 2 Y-axis.

Lets have a look on how it works:


1. Upload your data from various sources
ScreenHunter_24 May. 02 09.35ScreenHunter_26 May. 02 09.35ScreenHunter_24 May. 02 09.35



2. Drag and drop the mixed chart icon to your slide

ScreenHunter_155 May. 21 16.18


3. Add some data

ScreenHunter_156 May. 21 16.24



4. And here it is…

ScreenHunter_154 May. 21 16.09


Try this new feature out and don’t forget to share your views with us.