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Tag: data discovery

Data analysis made simple

You MUST have heard of Big Data recently, Big Data currently being one of the buzz words most favored in the media and in ads. And you’ve probably told yourself, excuse my language, but ‘Ain’t for me but for big corporations‘.

At Jolicharts, we see no reason small and medium businesses with no access to expensive data analytics solutions shouldn’t be able to get the best from their data.

Actually, as was coined by Diego Basch on Twitter, most big businesses don’t have a ‘big data problem’, but a big ‘data problem’ rather – meaning most large corporations make decisions based on partial data analysis.

In fact, not so many businesses really face the issues and complexities (and opportunities!) derived from Big Data.

At Jolicharts, we are strong believers that anyone in any business of any size should be able to get the most from their data, whatever the quantity of it. Jolicharts helps you create beautiful charts to make your data speak out loud and make as good as possible decisions.


How to get FREE calculation power on Jolicharts

A simple tip to help you save money while doing good: did you know you could get free calculation power on Jolicharts just by inviting your friends and colleagues to use your favorite social data vizualisation application?

Once signed up on the main page, you’ll find your personal link.

By simply sharing your personal link with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn contacts, you’ll get 1 Mb of additional calculation power for free every time a friends of yours creates her account on Jolicharts.

Hope this helps!


The Jolicharts story

This blog post intends at answering this question: what’s the story behind Jolicharts? Where are we coming from? I hope you’ll enjoy.

To begin with, Jolicharts is a spin off of corporate environmental software-as-a-service maker Verteego. Verteego designs an online platform for companies to manage their environmental, energy and chemical footprint. Our customers at Verteego progressively started to ask for more flexible and customizable reporting capabilities.

For instance, those of our customers managing their carbon footprint on Verteego all in a sudden, and all together (without necessarily knowing each others), started to ask for a shift from carbon management to environmental sustainability management somewhere in the course of 2010. Meaning rather than managing carbon key performance indicators only, our customers were willing to track their natural resource consumptions (water, waste, electricity, gas, fuel, natural gas, fixed assets, consumables, travel expenses, paper,…).

At that time, we felt our mission was to provide the best possible environmental intelligence in our solution. So we went to the market looking for reporting software that would come on top of Verteego to satisfy the need of our customers. Henceforth, starting from 2011, a number of Verteego customers acquired reporting software licenses from a well-established vendor for their Verteego admin users.

However, this new fat client software (the other vendor) + online service (Verteego) approach wasn’t in line with our strategy (and major competitive strength) of Verteego being a pioneer in Cloud-based environmental solutions. Our customers felt a slight inconsistency since they suddenly had to deal with IT, whilst what we’re selling (like many SaaS vendors) was “Forget IT, Focus on Productivity”.

So we went back, in the second half of 2011, to the market, and sought for a proper business intelligence layer that we could embed seamlessly to our online solutions. Some were too heavy to implement, some looked very “1990s”, some were perfect but so slow, etc.

At some point, we figured out we had “lost” almost 2+ years looking to “buy” a solution amongst the 50+ vendors out there. In early 2012, we henceforth started to contemplate the conter-intuitive “make” option, and found out:
– our team made of world class engineers had the perfect set of skills to build the Jolicharts technology in just a few months;
– we could, by the same token, tap the ill-serviced market of Excel power users (consultants, analysts,…) wasting their time running numbers on spreadsheets and creating Powerpoint presentations rather than coming out with strategies to improve the business. Meaning the service had to be super easy to use, much simpler than the analytics solutions available on the market.

Last, if we built it, Jolicharts had to be a service we would’ve become a paying customer of immediatly. In order to achieve this (remember, we’ve reviewed the analytics market thoroughly for our customers), Jolicharts had to offer an absolutely compelling user experience.

And here we are! still unpacking, but soon 100% ready so you can enjoy the smoothest data discovery experience you ever had. Ultimately, Jolicharts is to make you LOVE dashboards.