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Tag: Dashboard

How DataViz Can Help You Win The Nobel Prize

Wondering how dataviz can get you the Nobel prize?

Well here is simple answer. Careful and alluring visualization of data helps you find fortune in your research and project data in a way it was never seen before.2014-08-26_1450

Many data analysts and scientists are finding ways these days to produce astonishingly beautiful figures and release them for open use. These set of information & stats, are no longer be ignored by the fact that they are most often read by researchers than before.

Researchers are in constant search of ways to search not only for data, but also a lot of  information that can be compared and presented on a single platform.

Here are some key points keeping in mind might help you winning a noble prize ;-) .

#User Participation:

Your data should tell the story to positively engage the users. Users integration and participation is one indispensable step that should never be overlooked.

 #Make It Visual:

It is an inherent human tendency to interpret images at a much faster rate than written or explained text.  And so, it is always advisable to add more of the pictorial elements to the existing contents.

#Predict The Future:

Users are much more interested in what will happen in the future. Instead of just swinging around the past, projecting future values helps in active consumer engagement.

#Listen What Users Say:

One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say, well said by Bryant H. McGill”. Listening to users needs & answering them helps in closure of an unseen gap set in between the presenter & end users.

#Project Information That Open Doors For Future Intrusion: 

Information that ignites a spark for future intrusion is more likely admired by fellow colleagues and provides them a room to discover the new possibilities.

 #Data That’ll Solve Dual Purpose:

Data that presents two ends of a successful campaign is preferred much more than the ones sniffing around a specific area only.
Addressing the current issues, how they have evolved during past and then providing answers at least once for these issues, helps in getting an active engagement & comprehension from audiences.

Keeping these simple tips in mind would definitely leave a positive impact on the viewers. And who knows, you might win a Nobel prize for an awesome presentation… ;-)

New Dashboard: Insights of Tourism in world’s economy

The  World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is the global business leaders’ forum for travel and tourism. It is composed of Chairmen and Chief Executives of 100 of the world’s foremost organisations, representing all regions and sectors of the industry.

The WTTC website provides a very nicely designed Data search tools that helps you to select and download tons of information. We did create some visualization of these data with Jolicharts: See the WTTC open data Jolicharts dashboard here!

2013-08-06 11_34_25-Jolicharts - World Travel & Tourism Council Data Overview

Interview with Jolicharts father Rupert Schiessl

Today, we are happy to publish an interview of Rupert Schiessl, co-founder of Jolicharts and Verteego. Let’s get an insight of the birth of Jolicharts and the future of the application.

- Hi Rupert! How did you get the idea of Jolicharts? Actually, I am the co-founder of an independent business sustainability software vendor, VERTEEGO. After two years of searching, we were not able to find a reporting tool that was adapted to our needs. On the same time, we were everyday facing the need to create simple, natural and efficient dashboards for our shareholders reporting, business analytic production and clients. Because we exactly knew our needs, so we took the decision to design it by ourselves. We launched the Jolicharts project in February 2012. A first version was launched in September 2012, after an alpha-test period.

- Why using Jolicharts and share dashboards?
This service is targeting everybody who wants to give meaning to a bunch of data: software publishers, web agencies, developers, Excel power-users, everybody who needs to share indicators and analysis with their stakeholders, also dealing with different levels of information… possibilities are really wide! Our wish is to propose an innovating service that adds value thanks to simplicity, accessibility and affordability when still being very powerful.

- How does it work? What kind of data can be uploaded, processed? What about social networks sharing?
There are three ways of uploading your data: storing your data on Jolicharts, storing your data on your server and letting Jolicharts processing on it, or connect directly your data through a secure API. After uploading, data is automatically processed to be displayed on modular charts. Once designed, dashboards can be shared with all your colleagues, partners, published for everybody and of course, publicized on your preferred social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Google +.

- Are you considering to offer data synchronization with other applications to enable automation of dashboard design?
Exactly. We launched the API to enable our users to connect to any service. So many applications are developing their own charting and visualization tools. Jolicharts provides an easy solution for every application designer who wants to embed clean and simple data visualization.

- Jolicharts is a spin-off of Verteego: Why did you make this choice? What are the advantages and inconvenients?
Indeed, Jolicharts is a Verteego spin-off. The reason why is because Jolicharts is fully aligned with our strategy at Verteego, which is to provide the best possible service to our customers. The very good news is that Jolicharts answered a very universal need. So we decided to make this service available to anybody: all you need is to sign-up and get started.

- What is the Jolicharts business model?
Jolicharts is accessible through monthly subscriptions, depending on the ‘calculation power’ needed to process your data. Sharing remains free and unlimited. Note that it is possible to use Jolicharts for free, and then win computational power by inviting friends.

- What’s next in the Jolicharts road map?

We focus on 2 key points:

  • Fostering system velocity.
  • Enhancing Big Data capabilities.

- What was the easiest part when developing this activity? The most difficult part?
The easiest part was to explain how useful this service is. Everyone sees the advantages of such an application and looks forward to using it. The most difficult bit was to actually build the technology, which is very far of being straightforward.

- What advice could you give entrepreneurs who would like to found a startup?

Well, I would give three pieces of advice:

  • Target a big market : It’s easier to win market share than to create a market that doesn’t exist yet.
  • Aim at a market where you love the ecosystem. You already know your future users, clients, partners and you remain always updated with a market you are passionate about.
  • Aim at a service where you are your own and best client.

Thank you Rupert!