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Tag: BI One

An interview of Dan Dukan: business intelligence consultant and Jolicharts user

This is the second interview in a series that will highlight some of our users in the Jolicharts community. You’ve been using Jolicharts intensively or extensively and you’d agree on being interviewed? Drop us an email at team(at)jolicharts(dot)com.

Dan Dukan, pictured in his diving suit, has been in the business intelligence / analytics / dashboarding / corporate data visualization industry for 17 years. A manager of BI One, a business intelligence consultancy working both for Fortune 500 companies and SMEs, Dan and his team have immediatly decided on adopting Jolicharts a an offer for their small and medium-sized customers. Here’s an interview of Dan Dukan, Jolicharts user and cofounder at BI One.

- Outside of being a HUGE diving fan, who are you Dan Dukan?

Hi, I’ve been in business intelligence for 17 years now. And I am the cofounder and manager of BI One, a consultancy dedicated to business intelligence.

- Why did you choose to turn to business intelligence many years ago?

To me, business intelligence is the best way to help decision-makers better understand their business.

- Can you be more specific on what your company BI One does?

Born in 2006, we’ve been in the SAP BI implementation historically. For 3 years now, we’ve been working with other BI tools to offer our customers the best solution vs. their needs.

- What makes BI One different from the thousands of business intelligence & analytics consultancies out there?

We want to be closer to our customers, and provide them with the best possible BI solution. This is the reason we have the capability to recommend and implement different BI tools.

 – Can you describe 2 achievements that make you proud of your team at BI One?

Primo our first projet, and the most important for us. A full audit and an SAP BI implementation for Saint Gobain Abrasive. 18 months and 6 consultants, the birth of a team! Deuzio the execution of our new strategy for 3 years, where each of them have worked hard to make this new turn.

- What major shifts in the business intelligence and analytics space have you monitored in the recent years?

The change in the use of BI. We have moved away from pure reporting to analysis tools. Recent years have seen the emergence of ‘in memory’ and Cloud BI.

- What are the 2 main drivers of decision-makers for starting a business intelligence or anaytics project?

First driver, the need and will to follow their operations; second driver, their competitors.

- What are your views on SaaS BI?

SaaS BI is the future of BI. SaaS BI is synonymous with cost reductions and less internal IT resources….

- Why did you turn to Jolicharts as a software solution to implement services for your customers?

What I like in Jolichart is that the tool was designed around a clear need. They – at Jolicharts, initially developed a solution to answer their own need! whilst many of the solutions available today offer a lot of features which are at the end of the day never used by customers.

- What do you like most in self-service collaborative business intelligence app Jolicharts?

It’s both very simple to use and extremely easy to share information.

- Outside Jolicharts, which other BI solutions does BI One implement for its customers?

SAP BI, Qlikview and Bime. Plus Jolicharts, that’s 4 BI solutions on which our team at BI One has strong expertise.

- To which population would you recommend Jolicharts?

To small & medium companies, definitely. Large corps will always want as many features as possible, even if to use only 40% of these.

- Looking at the needs of BI One, an SME, do you think Jolicharts is a good match to answer dashboard needs?

Yes! One of the advantages of Jolicharts is that it’s a self-service BI tool: you pay as you go so it adapts small budgets.

Thank you Dan! for your insightful views.