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Tag: analytics

How DataViz Can Help You Win The Nobel Prize

Wondering how dataviz can get you the Nobel prize?

Well here is simple answer. Careful and alluring visualization of data helps you find fortune in your research and project data in a way it was never seen before.2014-08-26_1450

Many data analysts and scientists are finding ways these days to produce astonishingly beautiful figures and release them for open use. These set of information & stats, are no longer be ignored by the fact that they are most often read by researchers than before.

Researchers are in constant search of ways to search not only for data, but also a lot of  information that can be compared and presented on a single platform.

Here are some key points keeping in mind might help you winning a noble prize ;-) .

#User Participation:

Your data should tell the story to positively engage the users. Users integration and participation is one indispensable step that should never be overlooked.

 #Make It Visual:

It is an inherent human tendency to interpret images at a much faster rate than written or explained text.  And so, it is always advisable to add more of the pictorial elements to the existing contents.

#Predict The Future:

Users are much more interested in what will happen in the future. Instead of just swinging around the past, projecting future values helps in active consumer engagement.

#Listen What Users Say:

One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say, well said by Bryant H. McGill”. Listening to users needs & answering them helps in closure of an unseen gap set in between the presenter & end users.

#Project Information That Open Doors For Future Intrusion: 

Information that ignites a spark for future intrusion is more likely admired by fellow colleagues and provides them a room to discover the new possibilities.

 #Data That’ll Solve Dual Purpose:

Data that presents two ends of a successful campaign is preferred much more than the ones sniffing around a specific area only.
Addressing the current issues, how they have evolved during past and then providing answers at least once for these issues, helps in getting an active engagement & comprehension from audiences.

Keeping these simple tips in mind would definitely leave a positive impact on the viewers. And who knows, you might win a Nobel prize for an awesome presentation… ;-)

Nostradamus And Big Data

With my recent passion to learn more about the French history, the country where I’ve been living for half an year now. I had to start reading about the inviolable Nostradamus who is deeply embedded in the roots of the French culture. Reading about his work and visiting his heritage home inspired me to write about him and of course, confront him to my passion for data analysis.


Nostradamus Museum, Salon de Provence, France

While visiting his ancient house (preserved as a museum now), I discovered  figures and numbers on the walls, tables and almost everywhere else, depicting the art to handle data manually and obviously without any technologies involved.

Big data analysis has become Nostradamus of 21st century, helping us to find and predict the near future with a high accuracy. We analyze and project our data like it used to be in 16th century, wherein only the ways of interpretation and projection have changed.

Let me jot down the common forecasts we analyze with Big data which might be an example to see if we are behind time or Nostradamus was way ahead centuries ago:

#Climate change


Early predictions by Nostradamus which later, were recognized as Zodiac signs

Nostradamus: A lot of Nostradamus’s predictions were exact before centuries.  He predicted a number of gradual climate changes that will occur and affect the earth. He also mentioned green house effect in his early prophecies and their adverse effects on environment.

 21st Century: Scientists do almost exact weather forecasts today. The simulations produced are available from a broader range of models. Taken together with additional information from observations, these provide a quantitative basis for estimating likelihoods for many aspects of future climate change. Model simulations cover a range of possible futures including idealized emission or concentration assumptions.
The concept of green house gases is a World known fact now, and many major consequences of global warming are well documented. This has been already documented in some of Nostradamus’s  prophecies as a reason for more droughts and floods in coming future.


#Zodiac signs

Nostradamus: Centuries ago, zodiac signs were discovered and practiced by Nostradamus, by looking at the position of different stars in the solar system.

21 Century:  Scientists and researchers have scientific explanations now behind the concept of  zodiac signs, that are based on Motion Of Celestial Bodies. These concepts are well elucidated  by physicists.



#Nostradamus: During the deadly outbreaks of plague disease, when million of people lost their lives looking for a cure,  Nostradamus was the most famous doctor during black death years. He recommended his patients to drink only boiled water, to sleep in clean beds and to leave infected towns as soon as it was possible. It was him, who saved lives of countless people by explaining them basic hygiene tips and  prophylactic  measures.

21 Century: Scientists identified different strains of diseases, can anticipate their virulence, developed treatments and eradicated totally or partially specific diseases from the planet (Rinderpest). Many antibiotics have been introduced since centuries now along with the thorough understanding and knowledge of the disease.

Careful study of data drawn about disease’s geographical distribution pattern have helped scientists to trace contacts & take necessary control measures for households located in high risk areas, strengthening of disease surveillance and case management, and sensitization of the affected population.

# He also gave clues about the consequences of attacks on environment (which were interpreted as nuclear attacks by many authors)  as “the sky will boil at 45°”. While looking at the facts, I found an interesting research work stating the global temperatures plunges upto 20°C to 40°C for several months after a nuclear attack, which matches nearly as documented by him.

Nostradamus’s extraordinary and crucial contributions to the world are beyond words can explain. But a question still arises, will Big data replace Nostradamus for the upcoming centuries?

In all cases, hundreds of Nostradamus’s prophecies about sudden tragedies and natural calamities are beyond the level of calculations, no matter how much technological advancements can predict!

About babies and web apps

Today we launched the new Jolicharts. It’s by far the most promissing version we’ve brought out since we launched the beta last year.

Product launches are like births. Or almost. (At least from a man’s point of view.)

Over the past 4 years I gave birth to 2 adorable children (with a little help of my wife) and 2 cool products (Verteego and Jolicharts, with a little help from my team).

And at every product launch I have this strange feeling of giving birth to something.

I wanted to understand why this comparison seemed so obvious. What the heck do the birth of a baby and the launch of a web app have in common?

More than you can imagine…

You are not really aware of the consequences of what you’re doing. Of what will be the outcome in some months and at which point it will impact your future life. But you are doing it. Because it’s so much fun doing it.

1 month
You know it’s launched. An incredible mix of happiness and fear. Of pride and questioning.

4 months
For the first time you see what it looks like. You’re scared because it does not look at all like what you imagined. But you know it’s a prototype. So you keep being optimistic.

6 months
It’s getting heavier and heavier. You’re carrying it with you day and night. It keeps you from sleeping and sometimes it kicks you. You know that you can’t get rid of it anymore. And you don’t want to.

8 months
You wish it would already be here. You can’t understand why it takes such a long time. You’ve heard about people who gave birth after 8 months already. That makes you angry but straight forward.

8 months and a half
The last 2 weeks were the longest ones of your whole life. You can’t move anymore. You don’t want to move anymore. Nothing’s going forward. You feel stuck. You’re just waiting and hoping that the day will come. But you know you can’t make it come faster.

9 months
It’s out. You’re infinitely happy. You didn’t expect it will happen today. It was so much less dramatic than you expected. Everybody is congratulating you. They say what you’ve done is beautiful and unique. You think it’s not unique yet, but you know it’s only up to you to make it unique over the years. For the moment you’re just glad it’s breathing and healthy.

9 months and 3 days
You’re back home. Nobody’s here anymore to tell you how beautiful it is. Sleepless nights are back again.  To keep you motivated, you’re looking forward to all the beautiful things that are up to come. You know it’s a long, long road to go.

26 years
You don’t need to put money into it anymore. It’s able to live its own life now.

Let’s bet Jolicharts will be 26 before I’ll be 57.


PS: Happy birthday, Jeremy !