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Category: user oriented

Major Jolicharts version release

Against all roadmap management rules we have released a new version on a Friday…

Here is what you’ll find in Jolicharts starting from today:

  • Add custom logos
  • Export your slideshow as PDF
  • Add custom backgrounds to your slides
  • Step line charts
  • Smooth line charts
  • Google map charts
  • Mixed charts (bar + line)
  • Smooth area charts
  • Microsoft SQL Server Support for presentations connected to databases
  • Enhanced chart builder (custom drag & drop depending on chart types)
  • Data labels on charts with few datapoints
  • Improved mobile compatibility
  • Reduced rendering times
  • Enhanced color sets
  • And a lot of fixed bugs ;-)

We will soon provide you with more detailed posts about all those features. Stay tuned!

Connect to try out the new features >>



The next Jolicharts

Some days ago we promised to show you a few glances of the new Jolicharts just before we release it!

So here they are! Tell us what you think!

ScreenHunter_45-Feb.-17-11.48 ScreenHunter_46 Feb. 17 11.52 ScreenHunter_46-Feb.-17-11.48 ScreenHunter_47-Feb.-17-11.52

Electric eel is coming…

As you might know all our product releases are driven by feedback from our steadily growing community. We get many emails and chat requests from you every day asking for new features, changes, bug reports, etc.

Thanks a lot for that!

We’ve tried to integrate a big part of your requests into the next major release. Many things will be different but we followed one unique goal: making it even easier for you to build and share beautiful data analysis.

Stay tuned. We will publish some screenshots soon…